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Kino Escalation is the physical escalation of kinesthetics (kino) with a woman, from the initial touch to sex.

Kino is one of the most powerful nonverbal ways of communicating with a woman, and as such, is one of the key tools in the PUA’s toolbox. However, just randomly touching a woman will not necessarily get a PUA the results that he wants. Hence, there needs to be a logical progression to the escalation of kino.

Generally, one wants to begin kinoing by touching somewhere on a woman that is non-threatening and non-sexual. This is usually the hands or the shoulders, and can be done through hand shakes, high fives, playful pushes, etc.

As the woman grows accustomed to the PUA’s touch, he can then escalate to more intimate parts of the woman’s body, starting with the legs, then the torso, and finally the face and hair. From there, it is only a small step to go in for a kiss and move into direct sexual escalation.

While the above is a solid progression for kino escalation, it possible to skip steps along the process and jump directly into more intimate forms of kino, depending on the woman’s attraction and compliance levels. For example, it is possible to get into a sexual state and immediately go in for a kiss, without having previously established any kino. Making such a jump requires calibration, however, or it will result in a blow out.

Mystery on the origins of kino escalation:


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